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"You require -- not want, actually and physically require -- MORE. Out of life, out of the people around you -- I've never even MET you and I know exactly how you have a conversation: you explode. You explode into reality because your physical presence CAN'T CONTAIN YOU, you pound on the table and you dance in public and you scream out the window and you fall down when something is beautiful because you feel it too deeply to contain it." - J.D.

loves. photography. film. dance. cloudy weather. french fries. driving. long pants. dreams. good twists of fate. free speech. ordinary people doing extraordinary things. bagels. anything that challenges my intelligence.

hates. being stifled. busy work. change. being copied. self-deprecating individuals. meatloaf. people who drive under the speed limit. fanvideos with credits or subtitles on them. being criticized for wearing high heels.

tv. house md. x-files. the big c. cheers. so you think you can dance. dexter. californication. glee. friends. the office. community. 30 rock. once & again. always sunny in philadelphia. sex & the city.

film. chicago. wizard of oz. entrapment. the royal tenenbaums. rocky horror picture show. the breakfast club. harry potter. singin' in the rain. ferris bueller. zoolander. mean girls. breakfast at tiffany's. house of d. juno. eternal sunshine.

  lisa edelstein. paula abdul. celine dion. catherine zeta-jones. marilyn monroe. gillian anderson. mia michaels. adam lambert. gaga.


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